Parents, we are here to support you. Like us, you probably have a serious obsession with your dogs. In addition to providing reliable information regarding common concerns (such as health, behavior, queries, and obstacles), we are here to assist you in commemorating the joy of your furry family and providing dogs with an “extra” life in the best possible sense.

Pet Parents, We Are Here for You

In August 2020, was created to provide pet parents with the two things they value most: informative articles written by experts and entertaining pet news stories that will make you smile. Because we understand that having a pet is about more than simply providing for its physical needs; it’s also about developing a meaningful bond with your furry family member.

Pet owners can rest assured that they will receive the most up-to-date, evidence-based information regarding their pets’ health and behavior from our Advisory Board, Content Review Team, and expert interview sources. Written by pet owners for pet owners, our product reviews and suggestions aim to be honest and straightforward. Plus, you’ll see happy tales of actual families and their pets on our social media and news channels dedicated to pets.

Guidelines for Editorial Work

All humans and their pets are welcome and supported by PETINSTEAD’s mission to provide newsworthy, accurate, and helpful articles. To ensure that our reporting and research are real and honest, our editorial team works with a diverse team of writers and editors that spans generations, races, genders, sexual orientations, abilities, and ethnicities.

The Guarantee of Honesty in PETINSTEAD Content

Our editorial procedures and content are dedicated to providing reliable information. The content is constantly researched and reviewed by our team of writers, editors, illustrators, photographers, and experts in pet behavior and health to ensure it is accurate and up-to-date. It prioritizes the needs of our readers and their pets.

A byline, which includes the name of the story’s author, appears in every article. The most recent edit to the piece was made with new information, as indicated by the date. Important articles on pet behavior and health also have a “Reviewed by” byline, which shows the name and qualifications of a pet specialist who checked the piece for correctness. In addition to the experts cited in the article, this pet expert verifies the information.

To create assets that reflect a wide range of voices, viewpoints, and contexts, in-house teams work with subject-matter experts to provide original artwork, graphics, photos, and videos. To ensure these assets are high-quality, accurate, and trustworthy, editors and members of the Review Board from the Pet Health and Behavior, Anti-Bias, or other relevant committees check them periodically. No editing has been done to the images or videos in a way that would make them deceptive or false.

Our editorial staff writes or commissions all the editorial content on The readers will find value in any source we link to. Unless it is explicitly marked as “Sponsored Content,” we will not tolerate guest posts or participate in linkback schemes from other companies or websites.  

Our goal at PETINSTEAD is to offer you the best human-made material possible. Using ChatGPT or any other AI writing tool to post automatically generated text is against our principles.

Pet-Related Opinions daily

We recognize the seriousness of pet ownership while celebrating the joy of having dogs at PETINSTEAD. We promote the most current pet welfare policies, ensure that the information we give is in line with research-based findings, and provide pet parents with guidance that has been thoroughly evaluated. Our stance on various important pet-related issues is as follows:

Behavior and Training

The importance of training and socializing in fostering self-assurance, safety, and happiness in our pets is well-known at PETINSTEAD. Positive reinforcement techniques are the best way to teach pets new tricks and strengthen their link with their owners. Therefore, we agree with the AVSAB’s stance on humane dog training.  

Animal Wellness

Healthy pets are happy pets, and we at PETINSTEAD realize that. We recognize the value of your veterinarian as an integral part of your pet’s healthcare team. Your veterinarian’s advice should always precede anything you read here. You and your vet must form a close bond to keep your pet healthy.

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